London over Spring Break

Wow Airlines has an incredibly reasonable flight to London Gatwick over Spring Break.

Mon 3/19/18-Sun 3/25/18
Wow Airlines

Check it out on Google Flights.

Spain for less than $350 over Thanksgiving break

Hi all! I am back at it after a somewhat extended summer hiatus.

So the next break coming up is Thanksgiving, and we have a whole week off this year! That gives a solid 8 travel days. Plenty of time to zip over to Europe... Perhaps Barcelona.... for less than $350!  On a direct Norwegian, overnight flight.

Check it out:

Sat, November 18th, 2017- Sat, November 25th, 2017

Note: That is just for the fare. Norwegian charges extra for baggage and meals and whatnot. 

Super cheap airfare to Europe for the rest of summer

Hi all!

Wow Airlines is having a massive sale for a bunch of destinations for July, August, and September. The basic fares are as low at $350 round trip (and maybe lower.. My checking abilities are limited right now).

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! $55 airfare to Europe on WOW

Ok, if I wasn't already booked to go to Europe this summer (over these dates, specifically) I definitely would be booking *now*. For their 5 year anniversary, WOW Airlines is offering $55 fares to several cities in Europe. I think this special is only for the rest of today, June 1st 2017, so embrace the impulsiveness!

MIA to Cork, Ireland (ORK)
June 22 - July 3, 2017 

MIA to Edinburgh (EDI)
June 27 - July 14 2017
$275 ........ yes that is correct!!!

MIA to Brussels (BRU) 
June 24 - July 5, 2017

There are other dates that get these fares as well. I'll update this post if any more awesome deals catch my eye.

Keep in mind that these fares are for the basic no meals/luggage/creature comforts. I am flying them next week, so I look forward to seeing what these super awesome prices get me. I'm going to be prepared for the worst (I'm thinking they're going to be a version of Spirit Airlines, but just with international/long-haul flights) with snacks and whatnot...

So so so unreal. I can't get over the fare to EDI..

Ireland for $400 in **July**

So it seems like Ireland is the budget (flight) destination for the summer. Both Cork ~and~ Dublin are at $400 for a 6 or 8 day stay. 

MIA- Cork
July 13th-21st

July 6th-12th

Both fares are on WOW airlines, so you can do a layover (either going or coming) for the same price, which is pretty dang awesome. 

Cologne for $306 (direct) over winter break!!

Round trip, direct flights to Cologne, Germany are only $306 round trip. Yep, $306.

Leaving on December 24th or the 28th,
Returning on Jan 7th 
Eurowings (never flown them)
*separate flights* 

Germany in November $325

So last week, we officially got word that school would be out for the whole week of Thanksgiving. Naturally, that got me searching Google Flights for trips to take over the break. One of the best Europe fares I have found thus far is to Cologne, Germany from Sunday to Sunday. Both flights are direct from MIA to CGN, with the flight there being an overnight flight The nice thing about flying into Cologne is that a) it looks like an amazing city to visit, and b) super close to other tourist destinations like Brugges and Amsterdam. Accommodations look reasonable for that timespan as well; both hostels and AirBnBs can happen for $22+ a night.

Leaving Sunday November 19th, 2017
Returning Sunday November 26th, 2017
Separate tickets
Google Flights

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