Europe for ~$620 RT in July

❤💛💗Bruges will forever be my favorite city
one of my top 3 favorite places (its hard to chose). 
July is peak summer travel times, so therefore has the least "deals." This plan has 2 separate flights arriving to and departing from 2 different cities. That being said, travelling between cities in western Europe is cheap and easy (you can catch a flight for ~$15 or a bus for about as much or less).

You fly into Brussels on TUI Fly for $200. It's a direct, overnight flight. Then, sometime in the next week and a halfish, you work your way to London and leave from there on another direct night-time flight. Or you can come back from Luxemburg (which is really close to Belgium and you won't have to cross the channel)

Leaving MIA to BRU on Tue, July 4th, 2017

Coming back LUX to MIA on Wed, July 19th,
TAP airlines (with a long layover in Portugal!)
Search through Google Flights and then I found it through cheapoair.

Coming back LGW (London Gatwick) to MIA on Wed, July 19th,
Norwegian Airlines
It might be easier to find on Google Flights.

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