Top 10 Lists

Non-clothing essentials 
  1. Sleep mask (splurge on this! literally your best friend while traveling. this mask is a lifesaver) 
  2. Headphones, plus a backup (seriously, they're like $1; or treat yo' self on these super comfy ones)
  3. Copies of essential documents, stashed in random places in your luggage 
  4. Bottle opener.... (nothing is worse that planning on a nice relaxing evening in your room with a nice bottle of wine, bubble bath, and looking through the pictures you have been taking, and realizing you have no way of opening the bottle) Try this one.
  5. Ziploc baggies 
  6. Notebook and pen (I put everything into my Moleskine Travel Notebook. its pretty amazing. 
  7. Charger
  8. Universal adapter 
  9. Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses (sorry for the bad pun, ZZ Top) 
  10. Stomach soothers (as in anti-diarrheals and something to help with gas) 

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